Replace Fuji X-Pro1 with a smaller X-E1 or… the mysterious X100s?

It was like in a Hollywood movie… Late afternoon, already after the sunset, I was walking down a random street enjoying city lights and falling snow. To my surprise, I have noticed an official Fujifilm store at the corner. I decided to step by to see if they have the silver X-E1 showcased, so that I can compare it with the black one and finally decide which one I want.

Yes, I want to replace my Fuji X-Pro1 with a smaller X-E1. If you’re wondering why, well… my answer is – why wouldn’t I? It has exactly the same brilliant X-Trans sensor producing exactly the same outstanding images, but in a smaller body equipped with a better electronic viewfinder! For my needs, it’s a no brainer… except this tiny little detail, which is – what bloody color should I pick? Black or silver? Well, no clue until I get the chance to have both versions in my hand and compare.

So coming back to the main story line, I entered the store and there they were – the two black and silver shiny bodies of X-E1. Finally I could see them both side by side and take my pick. As always in this type of moments of shopping melancholy, a nice gentleman approached me, asking if he can help me with anything. After hearing about my terrible dilemma, he said something that completely broke me into pieces.

He said that if I really want to move to a smaller body, why wouldn’t I wait for the upcoming “X100s” camera, which will be a refreshed version of X100, but with the same APS-C X-Trans sensor X-Pro1 and X-E1 are equipped with. He said he heard about the new camera directly from the Fujifilm managers he spoke to. Well, if that’s really true, then my dilemma is getting even worse. But is it true?

It makes sense if you think about it. I mean, wasn’t that what people actually wanted since the beginning? People wanted X-Pro1, but in fact in a smaller body, so after some disappointment they have finally got the X-E1. They also wanted X100 pretty much untouched, but with the same image quality as X-Pro1, so they may finally get the X200 or X100s of their dreams (whatever it is going to be called).

Seems I will stick to my big black Pro for a little longer till I see what’s coming up…

P.S. I chose silver =)


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