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Canon 50D, 30 mm, f/3.2 @ 1/50, ISO 800

We like the formulation that Hanoi is an old lady of the orient.

As Lao Beerlao beats all Asian beer that we drank so far, so Vietnamese Hanoi has no equal among other Indochinese capitals. This of course depends on ones taste and mood, but we felt enchanted by this city for all six days that we spent there.

Perhaps we were influenced by the fact that a few days before Vietnam celebrated the New Year’s Eve, which resulted in a holiday and relaxing atmosphere.

We like the formulation that Hanoi is an old lady of the orient. It describes well the seniority, elegance and Asian ambience that it demonstrates. Luxury shops coexist here with socialist propaganda, limousines and bicycle rickshaws, old cafes and street climatic stalls with noodles, elegantly dressed men and chaotic markets, gloomy workshops conducted by artisans and teen age clothes shops.

We loved to roam the old city, its charming streets, squares and parks, enjoy the time marked by the walls of post-French houses and rest on a bench on the shore of a small urban lake. Despite this quasi-European areola, the city lived a typical Asian rhythms, which were pending on the street.


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